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Glotrax Sdn Bhd was established in 2010 by a group of engineers and professionals who has been in the Telematics Industry for more than 10 years. Glotrax offers a full range of telematics products, solutions and services. Our customer ranges from Haulage/Logistic Indutries to Public Transportations. Up to date, there has been over 50,000 Tracking Devices installed Worldwide particularly in the Middle East, Cambodia, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Singapore.

Our Vision

Glotrax vision is to provide the best Telematics Solutions to the customer while helping to save overall on the operation cost. The reliability of the tracker device is crucial by imbuing quality component/module beneath the tracking devices while performing numerous test and quality control checks.


The success cannot be accomplished by mere copying competitors features or totally rely on third parties Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) product; where hardware/software modifications are restricted.


In order to forge ahead, the Technical Team (consisting of experience engineers from Singapore Civil  Defense, Telecommunications, Wafer Fabrication, and Banking Sector) gathered and investigate the weaknesses in today's GPS Tracking Devices (Hardware) and Backend (Software).


The profound investigation concluded that most Tracking Devices in the market are not Stable and prompt to 'Hang' Issues. Even with the most advance features, the GPS Tracker is rendered useless to customer. That is the reason, GTrax is designed to cater for these weaknesses including state of the art Tampering Features and Multiple Input/Output/ADCs/1-Wire Technology/Serial to cater for future expansion. 


From the Backend, the information presented has to be thorough such that the information retrieved is deem valuable to customer.  This is where 12Track comes in to offer Overall Fleet Performances and Numerous Reports.


Company Profile

2010 -  Glotrax was formed with the introduction of GTrax100 Units. 

          -  GTax100 started installations on Malaysia Major Bus Companies                 and other logistic/haulage clients. 


2011 -  Introducing GTrax100 which integrates with Mobile Display                         Terminal (MDT) used on Taxis in Cambodia and Thailand.          


2012 -  Introducing  GTrax200 which has more features.     


2013 -  GTrax100 and GTrax200 achieved 'SIRIM' Compliance.







2014 -  Introducing V210 with both tracking and 'Live' Video                                    Monitoring. 

          -  V210 are mostly used on large ship vessels and tug boats. 


2015 -  Introducing Ultrasonic Fuel Sensor. No Drilling onto Fuel Tank.                      Perfectly Save and Hidden from drivers view.

          - 12Track introducing 'Live' Video Traffic Monitoring & Trip Planner.


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